Visible architectural quality.

Spaces where your soul feels at ease.

That’s what we stand for

Design and architecture at the highest level

Design and architecture are in the hand of Regula Hotz. As a qualified architect ETH SIA/FSAI with long-term experience she knows well about how to realize your dreams in a three-dimensional space.

Handcrafted implementation at masters’ quality

For the implementation of your construction project we have an excellent network of selected partners. All of them are qualified companies form the region of Zug.

Project course – that’s how we do it

Clarify your needs – what makes you feel at home?

Maybe you know this phenomenon: Yo live in a beautifully designed apartment, but you don’t really feel at home. Somehow you as a human don’t fit into the architectural setup. The reason  behind is a planning process that didn’t start with the real human needs.

At Idee + Raum we design rooms and spaces where you will be comfortable. That’s why we start with your wishes and your personal needs.

Design study (drawing) – what are your ideas?

In the first step of our process we work out your ideas about the future design of your rooms. We will evaluate different opportunities, using simple hand drawings. This approach produces quick results and gives you a real choice.

Creative concept – how could it look like?

In the next step we deepen the best idea from the phase before and start working on the details.

In einem nächsten Schritt vertiefen wir die beste Idee aus der Studenphase und fangen an, die Detail auszuarbeiten.


Materials and surfaces – how does it feel like?

This is an important step, specially for your well-being. From an interior design standpoint there is a vast variety of materials and surfaces available. During this phase we will have a closer look at this topic, using samples of the original materials. This gives you a comprehensive impression how these materials feel like, how they smell, how they sound.

Construction project with quotations  – and one sole coordinator on your behalf

After finishing the design and deciding about materials we plan the construction project in detail and receive different quotations from our selected partners. During the entire construction phase we coordinate all partners and suppliers. For you that means a hassle free construction project.

Working out the details – when ideas come to life

The realization of a construction project is one of the most interesting phases. Those details that have been carefully planned now come to life. If you have any questions during this phase you simply call your personal coordinator who will take care of your needs. This makes it easy for you to look forward on the end result.