Visible architectural quality.

Our Services – architecture, design, consulting and maintenance

Architectural consulting

Even subtle adjustments in rooms like a new color concept or a different furnishing can lead to a surprisingly better result – often exceeding the clients expectations.

That’s why our consulting always starts with your personal needs. Our design gives human habits room for enfolding and well being – it privat spaces as well as in office premises.

Architecture and interior design

We realize your construction project (conversion, reconstruction and new buildings) from initial planning to realization to handover. Thanks to our partner companies we can offer all the required expertise. The range of our networks goes from classic craftsmanship like carpentry and plumbing to Hifi electronics and landscaping.

Our architect takes care of you during the entire construction phase. She is the one who coordinates all the partners and suppliers – on behalf of your comfort.

Product design and bespoke furniture

«Form follows function» – Louis Sullivans’ well-known sentence also applies for furniture design. You design the function you like, and we will realize it, giving it a unique design and a bespoke handcrafted form.

These unique specimen offer a maximal variety in forms, colors, materials and surfaces. All the design furniture is uniquely handcrafted in our carpentry at Zug, in close coordination with other craftsmen from the region.

Lighting design, planning and consulting

Illumination is a key element for skillfully done architecture – this is true both for inside and outside application. Different lighting can change the room’s character entirely. So – as a room appears in a different light, the whole ambience changes. In our specialist shop in Baar we present a permanent exhibition of numerous luminaries.

We are happy to show you the versatile range of effect different lighting scenarios can have on a room. What creates a soft and warm atmosphere, what will render a cool and objective illumination? Should the whole room be enlightened or do you like to have singular bright island in the space? Sometimes it’s the detail that makes the big difference.

Customer service, handover and quality control

In order to present you a perfect end result a close monitoring of the whole project is a key element for us. That’s why the whole project is coordinated by one project leader, and a carefully executed quality control takes place  during the whole project.

It is our goal to make you happy, specially after your construction project has finished.