Visible architectural quality.

Create a warm and comfortable home

In this single-family home in the city of Zug, marble dominated – and a cold, uncomfortable atmosphere. Soon it was clear: the aim was to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Single-family house conversion with focus on comfort and well-being

Well-being and a cozy ambience has a lot to do with the right materialization. We therefore chose a lot of dark wood, colors of warm earth tones and natural stone.

We adjusted the room organization only minimally, mainly in the bathrooms. Nevertheless, it is important to organize the room into zones, but in this case we achieved this primarily through the furniture and a specific lighting system.

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Controlling the perception of the room with light and color

Light is central in architecture, not only for good vision, but especially when it comes to achieving a certain ambience. Where light is, there is also color. The dark floor creates a strong contrast to the bright walls, making the room more clearly perceptible. In the bedroom and in the bathrooms dark and muted colors are used, this creates a calm atmosphere and makes the bathrooms in particular a small wellness oasis.

The color concept permeates through the different materials, even wall tiles, parquet floors and curtains are matched to it.

Before and after the construction project – compare for yourself!

We have documented this single-family house renovation so that you can see for yourself how the atmosphere of the house has changed.

Living room (before / after)

Staircase (Before / After)

Bathroom (Before / After)

Entrance area (before / after)

Basement (Before / After)

Upper floor (before / after)

In the basement, the new sideboard turns into a lighting source and creates a unique, fascinating ambience in the room.

We completely rebuilt the bathrooms. We completely rearranged the space here. The toilet is discreetly concealed behind a wall, just like in luxury hotels.

This significantly upgrades the room. Today, a bathroom is an area of relaxation, not just a functional room, as was common in the past.

The open, light-flooded living space in this detached house is spaciously designed. This requires that the individual zones are clearly organized, otherwise one gets lost in the space.

We worked with modern furniture, light and natural stone.

We equipped the entrance area with lots of storage space and a seating area. Here, as well, the human being with his needs is always in the center of attention.

The bedroom is dominated by dark and muted colors, with semi-transparent curtains that provide pleasant, subdued light even during the day.